Coach & Carriage Home Design & Drafting Services

Refined Designs, Fully Vetted Coach & Carriage Home Design Services

As experienced designers in Vancouver, we were part of the advent of laneway housing and todays modern push for densification on single-family lots. Over the years we’ve worked on all scales of residential design but have transitioned to a more focused approach on designing Carriage Homes, cottages and small single-family homes.

Unlike the design of residential homes and their range of potential options, Carriage Homes fall into a couple options. Primarily dictated by lot conditions and the number of storeys allowed & building height, Carriage Homes in Canada are also limited to 968sf (90m2) of finished interior space.

Custom Carriage Homes Design Services

Refined Designs, Fully Vetted Coach & Carriage Home Design Services

Each Carriage Home project (Coach Home or Garden Suite) presents it’s own unique set of circumstances so our approach is to complete a custom design that’s driven by the program and site conditions. Depending on your municipality, the following services are typical of Carriage Home projects.

  • Site Master Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Design Development
  • Architectural drafting
  • Development Drawings
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Building Permit Documents
  • Construction Drawings

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We use the latest design and media software to deliver an exceptional design experience. From first initial steps, we provide a deeper dive into your design decisions.

Will a three bedroom carriage house work without compromising livability? Will that window give a direct view into my kitchen? Will your new carriage house come in under budget? Our design process reflects a thorough and conscientious approach that address these concerns. Join us and together we’ll show you just how well a carriage could fir into your plans.

Selection of Recent Carriage House Projects:

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